Why Did I Receive an Alabama Auto Insurance Questionnaire?

Alabama postage stampA motorist may receive an auto insurance questionnaire—a form asking residents to verify that they have coverage in place—for a number of reasons. Residents typically receive these documents because:

  • They were randomly selected by the Department of Revenue
  • The motorist was issued a ticket for a Mandatory Liability Insurance (MLI) violation
  • The driver’s license associated with the registered vehicle has been suspended or revoked by the State Department of Public Safety
  • The motorist’s vehicle registration has been suspended within the preceding four years

Motorists are required to carry automobile insurance in Alabama that includes bodily injury and property damage liability with minimum limits of 25/50/25, or they risk being hit with serious fines.

If motorists do not meet these financial responsibility requirements, do not respond to the questionnaire within 30 days, or are denied an insurance policy from an insurer, they may have their driving privileges and license plates taken away.

If motorists are convicted of an MLI violation, they may be fined up to $500 for the first offense. Subsequent offenses may result in a fine of up to $1,000 and/or a suspended driver’s license for six months. First time offenders may also have their vehicle registration suspended until they are able to provide adequate proof of insurance and evidence that their license suspension fee has been paid. Having one’s vehicle registration reinstated after multiple violations, however, may include a mandatory four-month registration suspension in addition to a reinstatement fee that can range from $200 to $400.
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Instead of buying Alabama car insurance to meet state financial responsibility requirements, vehicle owners may also obtain a motor vehicle liability bond or make a cash deposit. Bonds must be filed with the Motor Vehicle Division of the Department of Revenue in an amount no less than $50,000. Deposits of cash must be made with the state treasurer, and must be for the same value.

To avoid an MLI violation, motorists who choose either of these alternative methods must keep their copy of the liability bond or cash bond certificate within the registered vehicle at all times, or risk facing the previously mentioned consequences.